Maintenance Budgeting

We analyse and evaluate your structural and technical facilities in terms of the maintenance costs expended in the past. The conclusions we derive from that are used in a maintenance strategy in which future maintenance costs are calculated. This approach enables the operation of the facilities to be designed sustainably and reliably.

Evaluation of past Maintenance Work

First, we analyse the level of the maintenance budget in the past 5 to 10 years. These maintenance expenditures are compared to benchmarks.

We also examine the condition of individual components and technical facilities at the present time and compare it to the age-appropriate quality. This enables us to make statement about the maintenance quality of the past.

Maintenance Forecast

In order to forecast future maintenance expenditures, we consider both the costs of scheduled maintenance and individual measures. We derive the latter from the condition and typical service life.
The results are summarised in a budget plan for the next 10 to 15 years.

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Our Maintenance Budgeting Team

Vivien Ahrendt, M.Sc.

DGNB consultant

Carolin Bayer, M.Sc.

DGNB consultant

Selected Project References

Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund

Analysed maintenance expenditures and forecasted the future maintenance budget for 13 hospitals, incl. consideration of functional aspects.

Caritas Association of the Munich and Freising Archdiocese e. V.

Collected data around technical facilities and derived the necessary maintenance costs for more than 65 individual properties (nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, etc.).

Hanseatic City of Lübeck, analysis of retirement homes

Collected data around the functionality, building substance and technical facilities. Derived the required modernisation expenditures in the next 10 years and identified individual measures.