Climate Neutrality by 2045

The German federal government has announced the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2045. To do this, annual targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions were set.

For a climate-neutral building portfolio, it is necessary to develop a climate strategy early on which considers statutory provisions like the duty to replace heating systems or renovation and modernisation requirements for buildings.

At the strategic level, we support you in launching your portfolio or individual properties on the way to climate neutrality.

Bespoke Climate Strategy

We provide you with an overview of your portfolio, size up your portfolio in relation to the current and future legal regulations, and detail the challenges you might face depending on the respective scenario.

Based on this, we create a bespoke climate roadmap for your building portfolio that reflects a strategically meaningful renovation sequence and maps measures, savings and costs.

Step by Step to Climate Neutrality

Step 1: Determination of energy performance

Step 2: Evaluation of renovation and modernisation potential and creation of a climate roadmap

Step 3: Monitoring of CO₂ reduction by the implemented measures

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We determine the condition of your portfolio and record the energy consumption of the individual properties. We evaluate the extent to which they fail to meet the German targets and the level of the anticipated CO₂ costs.

In the potential analysis, we assess how your portfolio can develop in future. As part of the analysis, we consider the energy savings potential of the building envelope, the potential for supplying heat without fossil energy sources and the potential for using photovoltaics. The identified measures are set in an overall, cross-portfolio context that includes the element of time in order to derive a meaningful climate roadmap. Possible CO₂ savings, investment costs for renovation and modernisation to reduce energy consumption and the required personnel capacity can be derived from the roadmap.

We keep an eye on the extent to which you have reduced your CO₂ emissions by implementing energy-efficient renovation and modernisation measures. Our focus is on prompt adjustment to ensure that you can comply with your custom-tailored climate roadmap. With the help of our dashboard, it is easy to read out the annual CO₂ emission of your portfolio.

We create the necessary climate action roadmap for certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in accordance with their requirements. It maps the current emissions and savings potential of the individual properties.

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Selected Project References

Foundations of the Freiburg Archdiocese

Condition determination, potential analysis and creation of climate roadmap for a residential and mixed-use portfolio (high proportion of listed buildings) with an area of
approx. 95,000 m².

Municipal housing association

Potential analysis for residential buildings and mixed-use buildings with an area of
approx. 220,000 m².

Municipal housing company

Condition determination, potential analysis and creation of climate roadmap for Bruchsaler Wohnungsbau GmbH.

Municipal housing association

Condition determination for a residential portfolio (high proportion of post-war buildings) with an area of approx. 42,000 m².

Office building in Berlin

Climate action roadmap in accordance with DGNB for an office building with approx. 46,000 m² net room area.

Public limited company for residential, commercial and urban construction

Condition determination for residential buildings and mixed-use buildings with an area of
approx. 852,000 m².