From Project to Corporate Strategy

We began early on to consider the issue of how to integrate sustainability requirements into planning, construction and operation processes.

Particularly in companies with recurring processes like in the housing industry, our experience with regard to the current and future requirements of the German federal BEG programme for the funding and financing of efficient buildings is a great advantage.

Above and beyond certification, we help our customers with the development of sustainability strategies – be it for developing a climate-neutral supermarket for a major chain or the nationwide site development of one of the most venerable German industrial companies.

Guidelines and Working Aids

As an example of the systematic integration of sustainability requirements into planning and construction processes, in recent years we have developed a series of customer-specific manuals and guidelines.

Interested users can download some of them.

Training Sessions and Talks

For many years, we have been active as trainers for the DGNB in the areas of auditor and consultant training.

We have also shared our experience with sustainability with other groups like the housing and real estate association VBW in Baden-Württemberg and as part of many meetings and conferences in Germany and abroad.

We are also available to conduct in-house training sessions on topics tuned to your needs.

Sustainability Check

Sustainability has been gaining relevance for years as a criterion for decisions when planning new buildings and renovations. Key sustainability features of a building are already defined in the very early planning phases.
But which concept or design is the most sustainable? How can different variants be compared with each other in a comprehensible way? And how can it be ensured that the right decisions are made in the early project phases to prepare for sustainability certification at a later stage?
We have developed the sustainability check tool to objectively and transparently compare design-relevant sustainability features, for example as part of a comparison of variants or a planning competition.

Our Services – your Contact

Together with you, we analyse and integrate custom-tailored sustainability topics into your corporate processes at the strategic level.

The integration process begins with the statement of work for certification for the auditor or sustainability coordinator. It continues with the definition of the specialist planner’s additional services, the creation of annexes for the bill of quantities, and the revision of the standard building specifications.

This process aims to standardise as many sustainability topics as possible in order to leave as few project-specific issues as possible to resolve.

We began early on to consider the issue of how to integrate sustainability requirements into planning, construction and operation processes. This led to the creation of several manuals for the ECE Group and our construction products guidelines as part of DGNB certification.

We create customer-specific evaluation tools and matrices to map sustainability and provide you with a basis for decision-making. To this end, we adapt the individual criteria and indicators and their weightings to your specific requirements and circumstances in joint workshops with you. Depending on the planning phase in which you would like to carry out the sustainability check or which building types you would like to evaluate, the criteria and indicators that can be checked will be developed individually according to the corresponding depth of information. In addition, country-specific, municipal or internal specifications can be integrated into the sustainability check for you by means of supplementary criteria or indicators.
As a product, you receive an individualized evaluation tool with a simple user interface and easy usability in Excel.

Sustainability check as the basis for certifiability and eligibility for funding

Our sustainability check is based on the sustainability assessment of the two major German certification systems DGNB and BNB and fully reflects the classic 3-pillar model of sustainability. This makes it possible to obtain a statement for later certifiability according to DGNB or BNB at an early design phase, which is also relevant against the backdrop of various impressive subsidies.

We create specific evaluation tools and matrices in order to facilitate a 360° view of sustainable construction materials, for example. In turn, this serves as a basis for decision-making at the corporate level.

The requirements for sustainability reporting are growing. With our experience in the areas of life cycle cost calculation, budgeting and life cycle analysis, we can make integrated calculations, interpret them and then derive the proper measures for you. We also help you to communicate the findings as concisely as possible to your stakeholders in order to generate the greatest possible added value for your company.

Our many years of experience as a result of teaching at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and lecturing in the DGNB Academy as part of DGNB consultant and auditor training forms the basis for a number of talks and in-house training sessions on sustainability and certification.

We are also pleased to create a concept precisely tailored to your requirements.

Pierre Keller, M.Sc.

+49 177 306 4203

Related Services

Our Sustainability Strategy Team

Vivien Ahrendt, M.Sc.

Carolin Bayer, M.Sc.

DGNB consultant

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Hintz

Authorised signatory
DGNB senior auditor
DGNB trainer
BREEAM portfolio auditor

Pierre Keller, M.Sc.

DGNB auditor
DGNB ESG manager
Member of the DGNB Expert Pool

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Kunibert Lennerts

Managing partner

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Zak

Lecturer at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
DGNB senior auditor
Member of the DGNB Technical Committee

Our Publications

Guideline: “Bauprodukte in
der DGNB Zertifizierung”

Own publication
Project period: 2013–2016
Concept/layout/text/graphic art
Magazine, 297 pages, A4

Manual: “Nachhaltiges Betreiben von Shopping-Centern”

Client: ECE Projektmanagement
Construction products guidelines
Concept/layout/text/graphic art
Magazine, 32 pages, A4
Project period: 2017/2018

Manual: “Bauprodukte im Mieterausbau”

Client: ECE Projektmanagement
Construction products guidelines
Concept/layout/text/graphic art
Magazine, 98 pages, A4


Employee brochure: “DNV GL Sustainable Guideline”

Client: DNV GL SE, Norway
Sustainability guidelines for global
group-wide publication
Concept/layout/text/graphic art
Magazine, 32 pages, A4
Project period: 2017/2018

Selected Project References

Consultation on the use of sustainable construction materials at the corporate level

Creation of a matrix for the integrated evaluation of sustainable construction products for Instone Real Estate Group SE, period 2022/2023

Sustainability check

Creation of a sustainability check in work phase 0 (determination of needs) for a municipal housing association.

Consultation on a certification strategy at the corporate level

Creation of a certification strategy under consideration of all Green Building systems for Instone Real Estate Group SE, 2023/2024

In-house training

Manufacturer of system partitions, period 2022

In-house training

Specialist for installation and fastening technology, period 2022

In-house training

Sustainability certifications for housing construction in the context of public funding
Municipal housing association, period 2023

Consultation for a climate-neutral supermarket branch

Life cycle analysis, incl. comparison of variants and orientation measures.
Food retailer, 2021