Are you satisfied with the Services of your FM Service Provider?

An FM audit by an independent third party can help you to ensure that you receive the services you expect and that your contract documentation – including the performance specification, price catalogue, and quality measurement and assurance rules – leaves no room for interpretation and is complete. The contract and performance audit should not impose sanctions on your FM suppliers without reasons. Instead, it should produce a fair, impartial audit and evaluation. The audit should help you to make decisions irrespective of whether the subject is a pending contract extension, contract negotiations or an improved bid.

What are the Benefits of an FM Audit?

Ensuring the contract conformity of services through frequent audits helps our clients to avoid quality losses. Facilities and service audits at regular intervals help to predict potential problems and solve them.

Find out whether your contract, procurement and management documentation comprehensively and correctly describes all services to be provided and if all associated processes are aligned with it and satisfy the requirements.

ESG Management

If necessary, we analyse and review your contracts to determine whether taxonomy services can be extended. Insofar as they are a component of the contract, we review the taxonomy-compliant operation.

We understand FM

With their suggestions for improvement, our detailed reports provide the basis for supporting and advancing the strengths of your current FM service provider’s capabilities and improving your client competency.

Our experienced FM consultants are familiar with all facets of the FM business. In this way, we can empathise with the various roles of service providers and find the best possible solution for all those involved.

Our Services – your Contact

We audit service provision based on contractual obligations, including the services to be provided, and identify performance gaps.

We evaluate the costs in comparison to service provision to ensure that you get what you pay for.

We verify and evaluate reporting, KPIs, and quality and service management with regard to implementation that satisfies the requirements and include market standards.

We create a final report with recommendations on how you can implement improvements.

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Our FM Audits Team

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Ing. Gunar Krause, M.Sc.

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