Implementation Support for Climate Roadmaps

We would be pleased to help you implement the climate roadmap created for your portfolio – or renovate and modernise your individual properties. Depending on your requirements and wishes, we will take responsibility for classic project control tasks in collaboration with architects and specialist planners or function as supervisors for more manageable construction tasks.
From the service components listed below, we will put together a suitable project plan for your project.

Project Control

To us, project control means an integrated approach above and beyond the scope of work of the AHO, the lobby for architect and engineer’s fees.
With overarching processes in planning coordination and property monitoring, we map the optimal scope of work for your project. Alongside adherence to cost, time and quality targets, sustainable solutions that ensure the economic and future-proof operation of your properties are our focus.

iF Project Control

After having managed numerous projects together over the years, ikl GmbH  teamed up in 2019 with FRANKE BAUR Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH from Baden-Baden, Germany, to establish iF Projektsteuerung Ingenieurgemeinschaft GbR to offer classic external project control and management services together.
As part of this engineering joint venture, we pool our individual strengths and develop them further.

Project Management

As project managers, we support our clients by handling a wide range of project tasks in various fields of activity – from transportation companies to church foundations to public authorities. The project tasks result from the different responsibilities of a property that arise for operators, owners and managers.
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Implementation Support for Climate Roadmaps

We compile building performance data like previous renovation and modernisation work, special features of the building and its master data (areas, year of construction, technical plants, etc.). We request the data required for the future construction project from the office for the protection of historical monuments and the municipal utilities, for example. We also compile information on possible grants from various funding bodies.

Inspection of the building increases the planning capability around the later construction project, as the current building condition, among other aspects, is recorded. As part of the inspection and upon client request, we create a photo documentation of the building and/or a survey of the relevant building performance data for the later call for tenders. This service component has a benefit: thanks to the on-site inspection, necessary renovation and modernisation measures specific to the building (follow-up work) and other, previously unplanned renovation and modernisation work can be added.

As part of this service component, specific measures for the individual property are planned. The planned measures include those that are necessary for renovation and modernisation to reduce energy consumption. Upon request, we can also plan building-specific renovation and modernisation measures (fire protection, bathroom renovation, etc.) and also estimate the cost of renovation and modernisation.
Based on the detailed list of measures, it is possible to derive a more accurate estimate of which energy standards can be achieved with the property.
In parallel, the assumptions the renovation and modernisation roadmap are based on can be verified and with this as well, the estimate of the extent to which the climate targets can be achieved.

As part of this service component, we support you in creating and conducting the call for tenders or bid solicitation.
In the process and in coordination with you as the client, we decide whether or not to define the scope of services and publish a call for tenders, or whether, based on inspections, selected companies will be invited to submit offers.
Subsequently, we review the submitted offers, conduct meetings with bidders and create a recommendation for awarding contracts.

As part of our construction supervision service, we support you as the client in the daily project work.
We can complete tasks like construction controlling while the planned measures are being implemented, for example. We also take on definable tasks of the property owner like reviewing invoices and updating cost plans and time schedules.
In summary, we relieve you as the property owner by pooling information during the construction project and if required, prepare decision criteria for you.

Other Services

As the project controller, we relieve property owners by taking on organisational, technical and economic functions that can be delegated.

We support you in project stages 1 to 5 in accordance with the AHO:

  1. Project preparation
  2. Planning
  3. Preparation for execution
  4. Execution
  5. Project completion

We support you with all project control tasks in accordance with the AHO or take on individual sub-tasks and realize them according to your specific needs.

We are pleased to support our clients in a wide range of project tasks, from project definition and project planning to project execution and completion.

Our focus is on systematic project execution and completing the project with commendable results. 

Thanks to our technical due diligence for properties, all the key information and factors that you need when purchasing or selling a property are available to you. After receiving our analysis and evaluation, you know the opportunities and risks of your planned investment and have therefore increased your investment, planning and utilisation security.

Katharina Maier, M.Sc.

 +49 151 725 133 61

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Our Team for Energy-efficient Renovation and Project Management

Katharina Maier, M.Sc.

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Member of the DGNB Expert Pool

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Selected Project References

Property owner’s representation/Project management for a private property owner

Property owner’s representation and project management for the renovation of a single-family home in Karlsruhe, Germany, at the “Listed Building” Efficient House level as part of project planning, bid solicitation, contract negotiation and construction supervision.

Project management/Property owner’s representation for a private owner and operator of a retirement complex

Project management/Property owner’s representation for the renovation and modernisation of a senior citizens’ centre in the Vulkaneifel district of Rhineland-Palatinate after a flood.

Feasibility study/Technical due diligence

Conducting a feasibility study for an urban property, including a risk assessment of the technical building facilities, pollutant registry, fire protection assessment and cost estimate of the modernisation requirement: Karlsruhe Municipal Utilities.

Project management for the property department of a transportation company

Project management around data compilation, migration and quality assurance for property tax reform in various databases and the creation of a new data set using GIS software.

Project management/Property owner’s representation for a private owner and operator of a retirement complex

Project management/Property owner’s representation for the renovation and modernisation of a senior citizens’ centre with 8 floors in North Rhine-Westphalia with a focus on building law and fire protection topics.

Implementation strategies for the climate roadmap of an urban housing association

Creation of detailed implementation strategies around renovation and modernisation projects, including the calculation of the effects of different renovation and modernisation variants.

Project management for the property division of a social institution

Project management and support for decision criteria of the supervisory board with regard to various conversion measures in Baden-Württemberg.

Project management for the property department of a transportation company

Project management, property owner’s representation, call for tenders and construction supervision for various renovation and modernisation projects in southern Germany.

Technical due diligence

Implementation of a TDD for an urban property (3 components).

Technical due diligence and data collection

Implementation of a technical due diligence for large retail markets with a focus on the building envelope, building services and fire protection, including calculation of the maintenance backlog, the investments required in the next 20 years and control of the survey as the basis for future conversion measures.

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