We have been developing sustainable solutions for real estate since 2001.

With our team at our three locations (Karlsruhe, Berlin and Düsseldorf), we support owners, developers, builders and operators of properties in the fields of Sustainability Management, Real Estate Management and Facility Management.

Our interdisciplinary team’s integrated approach always considers planning, building and operating together, as we believe that this is the only way to find future-proof, long-lasting solutions.

Sustainability Management

As co-developers of the system and part of the initial auditor team, we have been one of the leading consulting firms for both DGNB certification and Assessment System for Sustainable Building (BNB) certification since 2009. With our experience in the LEED, BREEAM, WELL, NaWoh and QNG systems, today we are in the position to provide our customers with the entire range of sustainability certification systems relevant to the German market.

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Based on this experience, we also provide you with advice on the development of an ESG strategy for your company or your property fund, as well as for ESG verification at the product level in accordance with the EU taxonomy.

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We began early on to consider the issue of how to integrate sustainability requirements into planning, construction and operation processes.

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The decarbonisation of existing buildings is key to achieving the climate targets of the building sector. We help you by creating a climate roadmap for your property portfolio. From an analysis of the status quo and determination of the potential to specifying a renovation and modernisation sequence, we calculate a specific climate roadmap for your portfolio based on your existing buildings.

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We would be pleased to support you in the detailed implementation of structural measures for the energy-efficient renovation and modernisation of your buildings. From variant examination to controlling the measures, we take on parts of your ownership responsibilities and supervise your projects.

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Real Estate Management

Since ikl was established, we have focused on the operation of properties. From the legally compliant operation of properties to the professional organisational structure of real estate management to the issue of sustainable administration of entire portfolios – we would be pleased to provide you with advice on any topics that concern you.

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The use of digital tools in real estate management not only supports the handling of increasingly complex statutes and standards, it also offers great potential for efficiency. Be it for industry, trade, municipal and university sectors or the church – we show you the advantages of introducing a CAFM system and support you from the creation of specifications to the implementation of software.

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For many management processes, a comprehensive, up-to-date database is the basis for sustainable operation that ensures compliance with the law. Together with you, we clarify your data requirements precisely in line with your management processes and support you in collecting data – from data control to recording and migration into your systems.

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Based on scientific methods from the research of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kunibert Lennerts at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), we are able to budget your maintenance requirements without having to inspect each individual property – even for large property portfolios. We would be pleased to explain our approach in a personal consultation.

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Facility Management

For more than 20 years, we have issued calls for tenders for FM services and optionally supervised their implementation. Be it technical, commercial or infrastructural services for single buildings or building portfolios, with our many years of experience in facility management consulting, we assure you that we will find the right sourcing strategy for you.

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Clients often want to have the quality of the services provided by their FM service providers audited independently. Based on our experience in awarding FM contracts, we have developed a tried-and-tested, standardised FM audit that serves as the ideal basis for multiple topics between FM service providers and their clients.

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Ownership comes with obligations. For this reason, property owners bear a special responsibility. We analyse your organisation and your processes, and show you the options for optimisation. We would be pleased to support you in creating suitable standard processes, guidelines or work aids for your property organisation.

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Be it the public sector or the private sector, the BIM method has finally arrived in Germany. However, it is still primarily used for increasing efficiency in planning and construction workflows. We provide you with advice on how you can also use BIM projects for your FM and supplement your existing BIM coordination by adding the necessary processes and documents.

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Raumluftmessung durch baubiologischen Messtechniker


Unsere erfahrenen „Baubiologischen Messtechniker“ können das Vorhandensein von Innenraumluftschadstoffen als Sachverständige messtechnisch darstellen, bewerten und etwaige Maßnahmenempfehlungen erarbeiten. Egal ob gezielt für eine DGNB-Zertifizierung im Rahmen von SOC 1.2 TVOC’s und Formaldehyd gemessen werden müssen oder anderweitige Schadstoffbestimmung erforderlich sind, wie z. B. von Holzschutzmitteln und weitere Pestiziden, PCB, PAK oder Weichmachern – wir erstellen für Ihr Projekt gerne ein zugeschnittenes Angebot.

Seminar: Nachhaltigkeitszertifizierungen


Nachhaltigkeitszertifizierungen im Kontext der öffentlichen Förderung – Die Zertifizierungssysteme von DGNB und NaWoh Wer sich für die aktuellen Themen aus der Neuordnung der öffentlichen Wohnbauförderung von der Nachhaltigkeitszertifizierungen bis hin zur Erstellung von Klimafahrplänen interessiert, sollte sich schnell einen Platz im 2-Tages-Seminar mit unseren Experten Jan Zak und Andreas Hintz sichern! ikl wird Ihnen u.a. […]

Gold für Congress Center Hamburg (CCH)


Wir freuen uns, dass gestern die Modernisierung des CCH – Congress Center Hamburg seine verdiente DGNB German Sustainable Building Council Auszeichnung in Gold erhalten hat.
Wir durften das Projekt seit 2014 bereits in der Wettbewerbsphase mit dem Thema Nachhaltigkeit und DGNB-Zertifizierung begleiten.
Jetzt, 9 Jahre später, erhält das Projekt als erste Modernisierung eines bestehenden Kongressgebäudes eine DGNB-Auszeichnung!

Tag der Immobilienwirtschaft 2023


Am 10. Mai 2023 ist es wieder soweit: Der Tag der Immobilienwirtschaft – und ikl ist dabei! Der diesjährige Leitgedanke lautet “Aufbruch im Umbruch” und beschäftigt sich mit zeitgemäßen Themen wie Klimaschutz, Energie, Wohnen etc. Drei Kernpunkte werden vom ZIA besonders hervorgehoben: Innovation, Digitalisierung, Austausch   Wir freuen uns auf die Impulse und den Austausch […]